Founder's Speech

Towering years worthy of the first, brilliant achievements when proud.

Ten years of trials and hardships, Qingdao Tianneng Electric Power Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, from unknown to the famous. This is a twists and turns of the growth history, a unforgettable history of development. Tianneng Heavy Industries every point of growth can not be separated from the community friends of the concern and help, can not do without the encouragement and encouragement of industry experts, but also inseparable from the majority of customers trust and support. In this regard, the tianneng heavy workers will be forever pregnant heart.

Tianneng Heavy Industries Is a specialized company engaged in the new energy industry listed companies, set onshore, offshore wind power tower manufacturing; wind power and photovoltaic industry development, construction, operation; foreign investment as one of the new energy high-tech enterprises.

The core products are mainly onshore 3.6MW below the sea 4.0MW above and other wind power generation towers . There are 14 processing manufacutring base covering and manufacturing base covering more than 20 domestic provinces, while products are exported to the United States, Italy, Iran and other countries.

Major customers include Zhongchuan Heavy Industry, Sanxia Group, China Guangdong Nuclear Power, Huaneng New Energy, Huarun New Energy, Datang, Guodian, Huadian, energy saving, Xiangdian Energy, Hong Kong CLP and other major domestic wind power operators.

Facing the listing of the east, the company will embark on a diversified development path, and gradually extended to self-development, investment, construction, operation of wind farms and photovoltaic power plants and other new energy projects.

The board of directors will adhere to the interests of all shareholders to maximize their responsibility, and constantly improve the modern enterprise management system to enhance the management level. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the shareholders and the friendly people of the community for their long-standing concern, trust and support. The company will be adhering to the "customer first, integrity management" core values and abide by the "unity and dedication, realistic and innovative" spirit of enterprise, with more high-quality orders, more outstanding performance to return the majority of shareholders.



Time of issue:2021-06-10 09:43:49
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