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The hero is based on performance, and the reward is determined by contribution

Adhere to the value creation orientation, and regard efficiency and efficiency as the primary criteria for testing contributions;

Advocate the spirit of struggle, encourage the right way to do things, and get the maximum output with the minimum input;

The hero is based on performance, and the reward is determined by contribution. Bonuses and benefits are tilted towards high-quality employees, and those who have made outstanding contributions are recognized and rewarded.

Dare to take responsibility and make a difference

The courage to take responsibility is the quality and attitude that Tianneng people should have, always keep in mind that responsibility is more important than Mount Tai, earnestly perform job responsibilities, and do a good job and do a good job;

Facing responsibilities, do not evade, do not shirk, do not dilute; in the face of challenges, dare to do, be able to do, and do well. For those who have the courage to take responsibility, more opportunities and more tolerance will be given;

Responsible to the customer, to the enterprise, to the superiors, to the results, to themselves.

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